Woodburn, Oregon.

"You are in charge but you don't have to do it alone.
We can help and support you."

- Mark Jimenez, founder OCS

You have your own accounts and are happy managing them. But, from time to time you wish you had someone discrete and reliable to ensure execution of trades or have more time to seize tactical opportunities that you may miss because you are busy working or enjoying your life. You may also like hearing new investment ideas from time to time and help managing risk.

At OCS we have a group of investors that are willing to pay for this assistance. While they can place trades themselves, they know that our experienced team is ALWAYS available during market hours and have extensive experience trading stocks, ETF's, and options. If you have an expiring transaction that needs to be 'worked' prior to expiration but also have a meeting with co-workers or your kids, we would love to help.  Put us on your speed dial and we will work orders for you and let you know via text or call if an important order filled. Most of these clients develop close working relationships with our team.

We have experienced traders that have worked on the exchanges and placed very large and complex trades for institutional clients. If you are tired of having to explain what a bull-put spread, strangle, straddle or calendar spread are to with your discount broker, we have some of the most competitive rates. For most clients, this could be a money saving experience.